B&B Marine Services was established in 2019. Its co-founders are experienced workers of marine industries and come from families with sea traditions.

Services offered by our company are a response to constantly growing demand for comprehensive maritime market services. The main foundation of the company is to translate our passion and experienced gained from i.a. work as seafarers, to create services tailored to the needs of our customers.

We know perfectly the specifics, hardships and dangers that crew members and onshore part of the maritime infrastructure face in their daily work. Out team of surveyors consists of experienced merchant navigators, engineers, firefighters, medics, lawyers and tradesmen. Our team includes also the ROV and UAV operators. Our specialists will not only perform an audit, deliver supplies or represent your interests, but also advice and help raise safety standards in order to eliminate potential threats.

In line with our motto: “better prevent”, we believe that properly conducted safety policy, crew education and regular procedure control are the only right way to ensure long-term economic benefits for the Owner as well as peace of mind and safety for its crew and their families.

In 2021 we became a member of Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce. We have also expanded our current services – to widely understood consulting services and inspections we have added supply services for maritime infrastructure and in cooperation with the Maritime Training Centre in Gdynia we have created a training department. Taking advantage of numerous industry contacts and forming new business relationships with subsequent partners, we are constantly expanding range of our services. We continually keep a firm hand on being up-to-date and improving professional qualifications of our employees.

Feel invited to contact and cooperate with us. Our representatives await you in our branches in Gdynia and Szczecin.